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Ellis Addo
2nd Year Economics
Chairman, President, Corporate Finance Team
Spring Weeks - Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Lazard, Aon, PJT
Summer Internships - Morgan Stanley, Caledonia Investments, CNA Hardy
Tolu Odeyemi
2nd Year Mathematics and Economics
Vice-President, Risk, FREP
Spring Weeks - Citi, J.P. Morgan and RBC
Summer Internship - Citi, Close Brothers

Farah Alam
2nd Year Economics
Vice-President, Global Economy, Corporate Finance Team
Spring Weeks - RBC, Lazard, Rothschild & Co, Citi, Fidelity,  American Express, NatWest
Summer Internship - Citi, CNA Hardy
Rushil Hora
3rd Year Economics
Chairman, President, Equity Fund
Spring Weeks - Citi, Google, Schroders, RBC
Summer Internship - Citi
Graduate Job - Deutsche Bank
Gabriella Kehily
Economics Alumni
President, Corporate Finance Team, Consulting 
Spring Weeks - Citi, Barclays, RBS 
Summer Internship - Citi 
Graduate Job - Citi
Sejal Dhebri
3rd Year Economics
Corporate Finance Team Co-Chairperson
Spring Weeks - Credit Suisse, J.P. Morgan, UBS 
Summer Internship - Credit Suisse
Graduate Job - Evercore
Arnav Jain
3rd Year Economics
Corporate Finance Team
Spring Weeks - Deutsche Bank, Google
Summer Internship - Deutsche Bank
Graduate Job - Deutsche Bank
Marcus Mangoro
2nd Year Industrial Economics
Equity Fund Senior Analyst, Corporate Finance Team
Spring Weeks - EY, J.P. Morgan, PWP, RBC
Summer Internship - J.P. Morgan, Coller Capital
James Counsell
Economics Alumni
Equity Fund Co-Director
Spring Weeks - Morgan Stanley 
Summer Internships - Bank of England,
J.P. Morgan
Simran Kalkat
Economics Alumni
Women in Finance Vice-Director
Spring Weeks - BAML
Summer Internship - Goldman Sachs
Graduate Job - Goldman Sachs
Grace De Bohun
3rd Year Industrial Economics
Women in Finance Chairwoman
Spring Weeks - Nomura and Morgan Stanley
Summer Internship - RBC
Dillan Pindoria
3rd Year Industrial Economics
Vice President, Corporate Finance Team
Spring Weeks - Evercore, Deutsche Bank
Summer Internship - J.P. Morgan, Barclays
Vidhushi Taduri
Economics Alumni
Vice President
Spring Weeks - J.P. Morgan, HSBC
Summer Internship - J.P. Morgan
Graduate Job - J.P. Morgan
Jeppe Saarinen
Economics Alumni
Equity Fund Director 
Spring Weeks - Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Nomura, BCG
Summer Internship - Perella Weinberg Partners 
Graduate Job - Perella Weinberg Partners
Ollie Blake
3rd Year Economics
Corporate Finance Team Co-Director
Spring Weeks - Deutsche Bank, Citi,
Morgan Stanley
Summer Internship - Morgan Stanley
Graduate Job - Evercore
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