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Nottingham Economics and Finance Society (NEFS) is the largest and most innovative society at the University of Nottingham. With 7 different divisions ranging from Corporate Finance to Consulting, we attract the brightest minds from all over the world into our society.  We bring together Economics, Finance and STEM students from a diverse range of backgrounds but with one common goal, the passion and hunger to learn more to pursue a career in financial services. 


“The Nottingham Economics & Finance Society (NEFS) is the largest society at the University of Nottingham, bringing together students from a wide range of degree disciplines who are passionate about developing their skills, improving their career prospects, and building a network of like-minded individuals. Our committee of 36 have benefited heavily from the support and opportunities provided by NEFS, and we’re passionate about giving back and taking the society to greater heights.


Our 7 divisions allow members to focus on a specific area of interest and hone their skills through weekly sessions and activities led by the division directors. Beyond this, members enjoy a wide range of events, including career talks, networking events, and regular socials. Under our three key values of diversity, giving back, and excellence, we create an inclusive environment for members to connect with each other and learn more about different areas of economics and finance. Our main focus this year is to attract students from a diverse range of backgrounds and degree disciplines, and provide them with valuable opportunities to help them make the best career decisions.”

Hassan Wahba, President
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