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JobTestPrep: is a platform that offers over 1,000 different products aimed at giving candidates the best chance of securing their desired careers and internships. The platform offers mock job tests, for a huge variety of sectors. You can browse tests by employer, professions, and assessment companies and specific test types. This makes it a fantastic asset to prospective candidates looking to gain employment or internships in competitive sectors.


NEFS is pleased to announce a partnership with

As part of this partnership, all NEFS members will be granted access to 12 exclusive tests free of charge, with more to come.

In addition to this, NEFS members have the opportunity to purchase the ‘all-inclusive master package’ at a 45% discount. This package provides preparation materials for almost any job assessment test and is backed by a money back guarantee.

This package includes:

  A database of over 16,000 questions
Answers and full explanations
  ALL aptitude/reasoning/cognitive tests
ALL psychological assessments
ALL written exercises
ALL job levels

To gain access to the free exams and discount code, please visit:

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